Anysort VR164+
Hawkeye Infrared Sorter
2,000 LBs / Hour
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Hawkeye Upgrade, Vision Opens the Future

International advanced multi spectral analysis technology along with the hawkeye recognition technology and intelligent shape sorting technology can precisely recognize and remove plastic particles, glass, animal waste, insects, sunflower gum and other malignant impurities.

features & technology
  • Global initiative Hawkeye technology is adopted, deeply recognize tiny spot, light yellow and some other impurities that normal color sorter cannot recognize.
  • Cloud internet system can provide real time online service, online technical support, online fault diagnosis, online data collection, online software upgrade, online data exchange and online operation management. Creating a new era of zero distance.
  • High-speed capture and processing technology can recognize subtle differences that normal color sorter cannot identify.
  • Present perfect sorting result for customer.
  • Hawkeye recognition technology Precisely recognize glass, plastic particles, dryers, gravel, etc.
Quality sorting solution




Sunflower Gum

Sunflower Straw



Animal Waste




Cigarette Butt

Badanmu Shell

Pistachio Shell

Walnut Shell

Almond Shell

Almond Kernel

Badanmu Kernel

Pistachio Kernel

Walnut Kernel

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